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SQlab 502 Active Pedals

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502 active - The best touring pedals!

Freedom starts at the foot.

Previous studies have been able to prove that releasing the axial rotation by 10° on clipless pedals can reduce the potential of overuse injuries in the knees. Based on this concept, the 502 active-System pedals had been developed: the first active pedal on the market for a knee-friendly, ergonomic foot position.

Knee pain after cycling?

The SQlab 502 active pedal is the first city and trekking bike pedal with lateral freedom of movement and good grip at the same time.

What is the advantage of this freedom of movement?

+ Natural movement of the foot
+ Foot position is determined by the knee
+ Gentle on the knee joint

Individual axle length

Four different axle lengths ensure a physiologically natural foot position on the pedal. This prevents one-sided loading - especially in the case of fibula head syndrome.

Why do we offer different pedal axle lengths?

Conventional pedals force the feet into an almost parallel foot position. The extended axis of the SQlab 502 touring pedal allows a physiologically natural foot position.
This minimizes one-sided stress - especially in the case of fibula head syndrome. The SQlab pedal technology ensures a rounded step in a natural, anatomical position.

Cause one-sided load

Pedals with a short axis usually only allow a parallel foot position

SQlab Solution!

Pedals with different axle lengths for a natural foot position

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