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SQlab 411 R Carbon Innerbarends

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More power. More comfort. Less weight. 

In other words: 14 watts. Aero position. 39g.

Wide MTB handlebars are good for control on the bike, but bad for wind resistance. 

The new, steeper hand position on the Innerbarends® Performance reduces wind resistance, but is less suitable for technical trails. 

Perfect when you have a choice. 

More comfort. 

More comfort is provided by the more relaxed neck muscles and the changed load zones of the hand. This is particularly noticeable over long distances and has a positive effect on performance in the end.

More power.

14 watts saved with only 39g extra weight. An internal study by SQlab has shown that the power saving at a speed of 36 h/km was on average 5%. 

Less weight! 

With the new Innerbarends® Performance the advantages of the material "Carbon" are consistently used. The new clamp is designed so that it can be bent open and snaps over the handlebars. This means that they can be mounted or dismounted at any time without much effort. 

The carbon fibers are designed in such a way that they surround the handlebars when pulled. The screw clamp with two movable "inserts" keeps the load on the fibers low.

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